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We’ve put together some company details you might want to use when covering DRØM. Below are logos, facts and bios. Questions? Just contact us at or 647-248-3151.


Prior to taking our twin daughters out of primary school and setting off on an eight-month adventure, we had long dreamed of exploring the world together as a family (here’s a link to our travel blog). We had also dreamed of setting up our own business. In search of adventure, entrepreneurship and serendipitous encounters, we left Toronto in 2015 with a one-way ticket to Cambodia.

Shortly after we arrived, we visited a peppercorn plantation in Kampot. Wow! We were blown away by the peppercorns’ enticing aroma and sunny, full-bodied flavour, carefully cultivated by proud Cambodian farmers. We felt like we had discovered a goldmine of flavour; the mouthwatering taste and fragrance were a terrific contrast to the stale and musty pepper we had been keeping in our pantry. We were immediately inspired to focus our travels on exceptional peppercorns. From Cambodia’s plantations we traveled to Kerala, the epicentre of the world’s spice trade. We stopped by The Pepper Exchange in Fort Cochin and we participated in the International Spice Conference in Goa, which introduced us to the major players in the spice trade and the issues facing peppercorn cultivation today (here’s a link to a piece we wrote about the conference for the Toronto Food Lab).

Drøm means dream in Danish. We launched Drøm to realise our dream of bringing Kampot pepper’s superior taste experience to North American tables. And by supporting Cambodian farmers, DRØM’s customers help fulfill their dream of a more secure future.


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Louise Biggar

A Danish citizen born in the Swedish hinterland and high-schooled in Norway, Louise is the face of and brains behind DRØM. A Scandinavian at heart who made Canada her home, her charisma puts others at ease. She always dreamed of starting an enterprise and finally gets to apply her MBA smarts.

Nigel Biggar

A “tri-athlete” background in the non-profit, private and public sectors, always with a social purpose. During Nigel’s career in micro-enterprise and micro-loans all over the globe, he travelled under the alias Nacho Vega. He is an expert in embarrassing his daughters when he sings. He thinks about strategy and analytics.

Ida and Saga Biggar

Our very own spice girls that are arguably the reason behind setting up Drøm in the first place. For Vikings, the name Saga means a long story of heroic achievement. Ida means industrious. The girls inspire us while keeping us focused.


Launch date: July 2016.

Products: Organic, single-origin black and red peppercorns from Cambodia and sleek Scandinavian-designed pepper grinders.

Company location: Toronto, Canada.

Distribution: Takes orders online. Ships within Canada and the United States.


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