“It is so exciting to experience a new taste especially when your palate awakens to a tingling yet delicate flavor lingering on the tongue. With just a few twists of my grinder, I was in pepper paradise and loving the sensation. DRØM Pepper packs the perfect little pepper punch to complement any style of cuisine!’’

- Squeak


“We were already freshly grinding pepper on just about anything we could. Pepper can save a disappointing meal and make a great one shine. We didn't know just how true this was until we tried DRØM. DRØM pepper releases layers of aroma and  flavour unlike anything we've tried before. Highly recommend.’’

- Jamie


“We had a chance to try some DRØM Pepper, so delicious! And much more flavourful than the run-of-the-mill pepper you get over here. It's like Ontario strawberries in July versus California strawberries in January.’’

- Kirk


“I had the pleasure of trying some amazing brownies in which the secret ingredient was DRØM Pepper. I am not adventurous when it comes to food, but those were the best brownies I have ever had and it was all DRØM Pepper! Get your name on the list and get it because your taste buds will love you for it.”

- Mihnea


“We've used black DRØM Pepper to spice up a horrible dish based purely on canned food - served to a wet and tired crew in the North Atlantic so they could keep going. When in port, we've used red DRØM pepper with a dish of fresh Normandy chanterelles to convince the same crew to go out sailing again. Did the trick both times!”

- Klaus



“After admiring the unique, clean design of the Menu Bottle Grinder and adjusting the wooden dial to arrive at the perfect coarseness, you'll notice the the sound they make as you turn them over to bring flavour to your plate. The music they make is the perfect beginning to the harmony they'll bring to your palate. The Menu grinders are as rewardingly different as the DRØM pepper you should fill them with.’’

- Emma


“I LOVE my Menu Bottle Grinders by Norm Architects. I initially bought them for their simple elegant Scandinavian design, available in wonderful colours. What a treat when I used them; so easy to load and such a smooth grind. I have the black and white but might need to add another pair from DRØM Pepper to my collection.’’

- Michelle